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Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins
by member: ejwilkinson1977
Sweet, soft, and delicious.
per serve - Calories: 202kcal | Fat: 6.16g | Carbs: 31.92g | Prot: 4.15g
Not yet rated.
Carrot Wheat Bran Loaf
by member: Swatchy@Pirate
Moist, healthy, and delicious with no added refined sugar.
per serve - Calories: 151kcal | Fat: 4.70g | Carbs: 21.59g | Prot: 4.16g
Not yet rated.
Tofu Protein Flan
by member: B’s Journey
Soft, tasty, and low-carb dessert.
per serve - Calories: 152kcal | Fat: 7.79g | Carbs: 1.99g | Prot: 16.24g
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Cheesy Polenta Muffins
by member: DottyGumboots
A filling Italian inspired savoury muffin.
per serve - Calories: 203kcal | Fat: 13.18g | Carbs: 15.12g | Prot: 6.67g
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Doughnut Holes
by member: YeajinP
Protein doughnut holes.
per serve - Calories: 51kcal | Fat: 0.77g | Carbs: 6.79g | Prot: 4.66g
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Banana Bread
by member: Airin179
Homemade banana bread.
per serve - Calories: 247kcal | Fat: 12.53g | Carbs: 29.82g | Prot: 3.65g
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Apple & Oats Slice
by member: J.T.M.
Gluten free and guilt free healthy sweet slice.
per serve - Calories: 137kcal | Fat: 3.98g | Carbs: 21.31g | Prot: 5.61g
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