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Cheesy Macaroni with Bacon & Mushroom
by member: Amy Lorraine
Just like the title says.
per serve - Calories: 427kcal | Fat: 27.56g | Carbs: 21.80g | Prot: 22.54g
Thai Pumpkin Soup
by member: caroljeannine
Healthy and fragrant soup with simple ingredients.
per serve - Calories: 147kcal | Fat: 8.72g | Carbs: 14.75g | Prot: 3.05g
Sticky Chicken
by member: watersprout
Super yummy, the kids love this.
per serve - Calories: 340kcal | Fat: 11.08g | Carbs: 33.57g | Prot: 28.38g
Honey Mustard Chicken
by member: Webgem
Crispy chicken with a tang.
per serve - Calories: 404kcal | Fat: 15.14g | Carbs: 13.44g | Prot: 50.51g
Chicken Noodle Soup
by member: jfow
Easy to make, nutritious lunch or dinner!
per serve - Calories: 172kcal | Fat: 3.01g | Carbs: 15.78g | Prot: 20.00g
Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup
by member: BoJane
A warm, hearty soup the whole family will love.
per serve - Calories: 291kcal | Fat: 11.17g | Carbs: 31.32g | Prot: 19.93g
Chicken Stir Fry
by member: BoJane
A delicious Asian flavoured chicken and vegetable stir fry.
per serve - Calories: 196kcal | Fat: 9.05g | Carbs: 5.17g | Prot: 23.23g
Lemon Soy Thyme Chicken
by member: CarmelBeGood
Low calorie chicken breast
per serve - Calories: 146kcal | Fat: 2.70g | Carbs: 7.08g | Prot: 23.84g
Sticky Hoisin Chicken with Sesame Noodle Coleslaw
by member: Webgem
Refreshing and tasty.
per serve - Calories: 272kcal | Fat: 7.01g | Carbs: 25.84g | Prot: 26.82g
Chicken Rice Salad
by member: BoJane
A salad so delicious it will leave you wanting more.
per serve - Calories: 393kcal | Fat: 10.85g | Carbs: 46.13g | Prot: 28.08g
Mexican Soup
by member: katrinajames
Low calorie spicy soup.
per serve - Calories: 336kcal | Fat: 4.94g | Carbs: 57.65g | Prot: 16.23g
Butternut Soup
by member: watersprout
Best soup ever.
per serve - Calories: 118kcal | Fat: 3.34g | Carbs: 22.12g | Prot: 3.13g
Thai Pumpkin Soup
by member: Jillybabe
Warming winter soup.
per serve - Calories: 58kcal | Fat: 2.03g | Carbs: 9.94g | Prot: 1.22g
Onion Soup
by member: sophieb46
Warming and hearty soup.
per serve - Calories: 121kcal | Fat: 6.92g | Carbs: 13.96g | Prot: 2.14g
Hungarian Chicken Casserole with Vegetables
by member: J.T.M.
A yummy casserole with lots of vegetables and chicken, a real comfort food.
per serve - Calories: 217kcal | Fat: 9.96g | Carbs: 12.16g | Prot: 19.98g
French Couscous
by member: watersprout
A delicious couscous dish great for lunch or served as a side.
per serve - Calories: 357kcal | Fat: 9.20g | Carbs: 54.55g | Prot: 14.85g

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A sweet, chewy, and tasty snack or as a dessert.
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Low calorie spicy soup.
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Deliciously rich and creamy dish.
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Homemade banana bread.

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