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Thai Pumpkin Soup

Healthy and fragrant soup with simple ingredients.

Banana Oat Pancake

Easy, health, and filling breakfast.

Mexican Soup

Low calorie spicy soup.

Mushroom Tomato Pasta

Easy and tasty pasta to make at home.

Cheese and Ham Omelette
by member: AndiAuck
A simple and tasty omelette.
per serve - Calories: 425kcal | Fat: 34.29g | Carbs: 2.57g | Prot: 26.68g
Chicken Noodle Soup
by member: jfow
Easy to make, nutritious lunch or dinner!
per serve - Calories: 172kcal | Fat: 3.01g | Carbs: 15.78g | Prot: 20.00g
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Cheesy Macaroni with Bacon & Mushroom
by member: Amy Lorraine
Just like the title says.
per serve - Calories: 427kcal | Fat: 27.56g | Carbs: 21.80g | Prot: 22.54g
Healthy Muesli Slice
by member: neishamoore
An easy and very healthy slice.
per serve - Calories: 189kcal | Fat: 10.42g | Carbs: 22.88g | Prot: 2.63g
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Spiced Chickpea Stew
by member: losingw8me
A flavourful vegetarian stew.
per serve - Calories: 188kcal | Fat: 3.04g | Carbs: 34.27g | Prot: 7.07g
Keto Coconut Granola
by member: jennypollett
Low carb, toasted, nutty granola clusters.
per serve - Calories: 320kcal | Fat: 28.77g | Carbs: 13.57g | Prot: 8.38g
Roast Veges
by member: deb711
Roasted vegetables - alkaline friendly.
per serve - Calories: 257kcal | Fat: 7.34g | Carbs: 46.83g | Prot: 4.69g
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Creamy Pea & Veg Soup
by member: deb711
Lots of vegetables blended into a delicious creamy soup, with a great alkalizing benefit.
per serve - Calories: 257kcal | Fat: 9.37g | Carbs: 35.28g | Prot: 10.98g
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Red Velvet Smoothie
by member: Webgem
Nutritious, healthy and tasty. Easy breakfast option.
per serve - Calories: 343kcal | Fat: 9.43g | Carbs: 58.83g | Prot: 12.76g
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Sticky Hoisin Chicken with Sesame Noodle Coleslaw
by member: Webgem
Refreshing and tasty.
per serve - Calories: 272kcal | Fat: 7.01g | Carbs: 25.84g | Prot: 26.82g
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Sweet & Sour Pork with Noodles
by member: Webgem
Light alternative to the traditional dish.
per serve - Calories: 258kcal | Fat: 3.26g | Carbs: 33.15g | Prot: 24.37g
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Zucchini & Chickpea Flour Fritters
by member: chiuluci
Quick and delicious zucchini fritters.
per serve - Calories: 83kcal | Fat: 3.06g | Carbs: 10.67g | Prot: 4.03g
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Kumara & Ginger Balls
by member: sophieb46
Sweet and healthy treat.
per serve - Calories: 63kcal | Fat: 2.26g | Carbs: 9.46g | Prot: 2.34g
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Raw Cauliflower 'Tabbouleh'
by member: sophieb46
Refreshing and tasty way to eat cauliflower through the summer.
per serve - Calories: 85kcal | Fat: 5.28g | Carbs: 9.01g | Prot: 2.71g
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Beetroot & Carrot Dip
by member: sophieb46
Vibrant and tasty dip.
per serve - Calories: 36kcal | Fat: 1.87g | Carbs: 4.17g | Prot: 1.39g
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Potato Salad
by member: Moose13
A classic potato salad, a great accompaniment to many meals.
per serve - Calories: 292kcal | Fat: 10.09g | Carbs: 46.89g | Prot: 4.48g
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